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The End of Roe v. Wade

So this is how Roe ends. Not with a bang, but a leaked draft opinion late Monday night. We knew this day was coming. It was clear from the time Trump was inaugurated as president and started stacking the courts with right-wing hacks. Yet, I can’t help but be surprised. Maybe surprised is the wrong word. Disappointed? Yes. […]Read More

West Virginia House passes bill banning abortion after 15 weeks

There is a sweeping movement against abortion in various states across the nation, and West Virginia is one of those states. The fight to overturn Roe v. Wade has been a steadfast effort since the Supreme Court upheld the right to abortion in 1973. The first March for Life rally against abortion occurred on the […]Read More

The Supreme Court is another staging ground for politics

The Supreme Court was created by Article III of the United States Constitution. This article states that the “judicial power of the United States shall be invested in one Supreme Court.” The Constitution created the “idea” of the Supreme Court but left it up to Congress to figure out the nuts and bolts of the […]Read More

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