Brianna Steele

Brianna Steele is a freelance political journalist. Her areas of interest include feminism, social justice, environmental justice, reproductive rights, and domestic and international law. Brianna's work can be found on Policybae, Medium, and Fembot Magazine.

U.S. Faces Dire Shortage of Baby Formula

It’s every parent’s nightmare: not being able to feed your child. Following the shutdown of the Abbott Laboratories plant in February, the United States is experiencing a critical shortage of baby formula. Parents are understandably panicked. Store shelves are empty and websites are out of stock. The price of baby formula has soared over 300 […]Read More

The End of Roe v. Wade

So this is how Roe ends. Not with a bang, but a leaked draft opinion late Monday night. We knew this day was coming. It was clear from the time Trump was inaugurated as president and started stacking the courts with right-wing hacks. Yet, I can’t help but be surprised. Maybe surprised is the wrong word. Disappointed? Yes. […]Read More

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