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Opinion: Will the Republican Party regain control of the House?

Assuming the accuracy in polling, how is it possible that Republicans have a shot at reclaiming the majority in the legislative branch of Congress? Although nothing is certain, we are more than 10-months away from the midterm elections and to reward the Republican Party with any keys of legitimacy might be the greatest indictment of  […]Read More

How to Be An Ally: Cycles of Learning and Unlearning

The George Floyd uprisings spread all across the nation this year, exposing the inherent racism in our government institutions and laws. This racism against Black and Brown bodies in America is not something new, but an iteration of the racism that built our nation. It started with the genocide of millions of Native Americans who […]Read More


We’ve seen so much in the past few weeks that only last month feels like a lifetime ago. In the black community, dealing with the systems of oppression and racism in this country is a daily task, much like brushing your teeth and yet the scars run deep. It most certainly runs deeper than a […]Read More

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