Byron Williams

Byron Williams

Byron Williams is a writer, adjunct professor, and host of the NPR-affiliated radio show, The Public Morality — a weekly broadcast focused on contemporary issues including politics and culture.

Opinion: Will the Republican Party regain control of the House?

Assuming the accuracy in polling, how is it possible that Republicans have a shot at reclaiming the majority in the legislative branch of Congress? Although nothing is certain, we are more than 10-months away from the midterm elections and to reward the Republican Party with any keys of legitimacy might be the greatest indictment of  […]Read More

Opinion: The dilemma of the US election system

Senate Democrats vowed they would pass voting rights legislation with or without Republican votes. One can only describe this as a civic shame. The dilemma of the election system in the United States is an old one. In 21st century American politics, the most fundamental responsibility to affirm a free society has become a political wedge […]Read More

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