Johanna Bulaong

Johanna is a community organizer and artist in a constant flux of learning and unlearning. Returning to love and exploring truths via writing, spoken word, traveling, vegan cooking, and tattooing. All power to the people.

Opinion: Abolish Police. Abolish US Imperialism.

The George Floyd uprisings dramatically affected us all, inspiring many of us to challenge our own racial perceptions and the perceptions of those surrounding us. On a capitalistic note, they also caused major brands like Amazon and Netflix to release generic half-assed “Black Lives Matter” solidarity statements. Despite this, these uprisings are not a superficial […]Read More

Mutual Aid, Affinity Groups, and Building Solidarity

Mutual aid has been a buzzword of 2020, especially within the last couple of months—but what is mutual aid and why is everyone talking about it? In a political landscape where people are living paycheck to paycheck and a pandemic is still sweeping the nation (compared to the rest of the world), people have been […]Read More

How to Be An Ally: Cycles of Learning and Unlearning

The George Floyd uprisings spread all across the nation this year, exposing the inherent racism in our government institutions and laws. This racism against Black and Brown bodies in America is not something new, but an iteration of the racism that built our nation. It started with the genocide of millions of Native Americans who […]Read More

1 in 44 Americans Can’t Vote This Election Due to

The biggest thing in the news right now is the November elections and the importance of voting. However, with the upcoming elections on everyone’s minds, there’s actually a large percentage of people unable to vote at all. This invisible population is rarely remembered by most voters and disenfranchisement remains an upward struggle to fight for. […]Read More

Voter Suppression: Fake Ballot Boxes in California

Voter suppression has taken many different forms all throughout the years. Unfortunately, voter suppression is alive and well; and thriving too well for comfort. California has recently announced an investigation into fake ballot boxes that have popped up in several counties. This recent wave of corruption is not surprising to most of us, but it […]Read More

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