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Successfully impeaching Trump bars him from post-presidential perks

The recent siege of the United States Capitol by pro-Trump supporters has lodged another impeachment motion against President Trump. The insurrection incited by Trump when he invited his supporters to D.C. occurred on January 6 while lawmakers were in the midst of certifying the election results. Impeaching Trump If impeached successfully (and convicted), Trump will […]Read More

Explained: Who are the Proud Boys?

“Proud Boys, Stand Back and Stand By!” These were the words of the 45th President of the United States during the first presidential debate when the moderator asked Trump if he is willing to condemn white supremacist groups. Instead of condemning white supremacy, Trump responded by placing the blame on Antifa and Black Lives Matter. […]Read More

Will the Electoral College Decide the 2020 Election?

In 2016, the Electoral College elected Donald Trump to the presidency despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. There is no denying that only in the United States can we have a president who lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. There have been five instances in the country’s history when candidates who […]Read More

Words Kill: Dangerous Rhetoric from the President of the United

These past few years have been nothing less than exhausting for Americans. We are bombarded with headlines about Trump’s obstructions of justice, overt racism, and the fervent attack on Roe v. Wade. Most recently, President Trump refused to condemn white supremacy when he was put on the spot on live television during the first Presidential […]Read More

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