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Texas Governor sends bus of migrants to Washington D.C.

A bus carrying migrants arrived in the nation’s capital Wednesday morning. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent the bus in what many people are referring to as a publicity stunt in opposition to the recension of Title 42. Title 42 is an immigration policy enacted by the Trump Administration that prevented asylum to immigrants migrating […]Read More

Democrats push for legalization of 8 million immigrants in Senate

Democrats in Congress continue to push forward with immigration reform that would legalize an estimated 8 million immigrants living within the United States without legal status, groups such as Dreamers, those with Temporary Protected Status, agricultural workers, and essential workers. Democrats initially attempted to collaborate with Republicans to pass an immigration bill through the Senate, […]Read More

Haitian humanitarian crises bring back dark images of slavery

News about the mistreatment of Haitians by US Border Patrol agents made top news throughout the week with images showing Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping Haitian migrants. This has sparked much uproar within the Black community as the images that were surfacing were the all-too-familiar images of slavery when slave owners would ride on […]Read More

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