David Wingo

David Wingo

David is a political science major with a pre-law concentration at Georgia State University. After the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in 2023, David plans to enroll in law school with the goal of changing the way that justice is determined within the United States.

Climate change is a social justice issue

Every day that passes is a day less than humanity has to save the planet from destruction. Scientists and public health officials have been warning for many years that the temperature is rising dramatically. Climate Change is causing destructive natural disasters, deteriorating health, and causing death among the global population. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]Read More

Bill banning abortion passes in Oklahoma

On April 12, Governor Kevin Stitt (R) of Oklahoma signed Senate Bill 612, a bill that makes performing abortions illegal throughout the state. The new anti-abortion law implements a near-total ban on abortion, with the only exception being medical emergencies. The anti-abortion law even makes abortion illegal in the case of rape and incest.  The […]Read More

Texas Governor sends bus of migrants to Washington D.C.

A bus carrying migrants arrived in the nation’s capital Wednesday morning. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent the bus in what many people are referring to as a publicity stunt in opposition to the recension of Title 42. Title 42 is an immigration policy enacted by the Trump Administration that prevented asylum to immigrants migrating […]Read More

The Anti-lynching Bill Is Finally Law After More Than 120

Millions of Americans experienced mixed emotions as the long-awaited and hard-fought anti-lynching bill was signed into law by President Joe Biden. The anti-lynching bill is named the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act after the 14-year-old boy who was tortured and lynched in 1955 after being wrongfully accused of sexually harassing a white woman in Mississippi. Emmett […]Read More

The Filibuster: What is it and why does it need

The filibuster has been a long-standing tradition in the Senate since its early years. It is a way to effectively occupy time with long speeches that delay action on legislation. Supporters of the filibuster have argued that it allows the majority party to control the Senate through a tyrannical system. On the other hand, opponents […]Read More

Haitian humanitarian crises bring back dark images of slavery

News about the mistreatment of Haitians by US Border Patrol agents made top news throughout the week with images showing Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping Haitian migrants. This has sparked much uproar within the Black community as the images that were surfacing were the all-too-familiar images of slavery when slave owners would ride on […]Read More

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