Emily Schenck

Emily Schenck

Emily Schenck is a freelance science writer from Central Florida who advocates for scientific literacy, environmentalism, and sustainability. She received a BA in neuroscience from New College of Florida in 2021 and is excited to continue her lifelong learning for many more years to come.

Workers’ Push to Unionize Starbucks Spreads through the US

In December 2021, amidst labor shortages, political unrest, and the ever-present threat of the pandemic, we saw a spark of hope for workers’ rights everywhere. A Starbucks location in Buffalo, NY became the first in the United States to unionize under Starbucks Workers United. The topic gained massive popularity online, and unionizing workers found solidarity […]Read More

Opinion: We Need Ecosocialism

Scientists estimate that by covering around 1% of the Sahara Desert with solar panels, we could collect and store enough solar energy to power the entire world forever. We need ecosocialism to highlight the plight of the Earth and change our course of action to protect it. We have the solar technology to make this […]Read More

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