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Misinformation on Social Media, QAnon, and Voter Impact

In 2016, I met a girl (we’ll call her June) at a restaurant where I bartended. June was a spunky hippie who loved yoga, supported Bernie Sanders, and made you feel really goddamn bad if you were a murderous, meat eater. June was a very specific type of person to say the least.  When Bernie […]Read More

Will the Electoral College Decide the 2020 Election?

In 2016, the Electoral College elected Donald Trump to the presidency despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote. There is no denying that only in the United States can we have a president who lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. There have been five instances in the country’s history when candidates who […]Read More

Why Every Qualified Latino Must Vote This Election

This year, a record 32 million Latinos will be eligible to vote this election—up from 27.3 million that were eligible in 2016. As the second-fastest growing demographic, Latinos accounted for 18% of the U.S. population last year; and 4 in 5 Latinos (roughly 80%) are U.S. citizens. In key swing state Florida, a record 17% […]Read More

Who Started the Settle For Biden Campaign?

Once it became clear that Joe Biden would win the presidential nomination, Sam Weinberg founded SettleforBiden.org in April 2020. According to SettleforBiden.org, the movement is described as, “a progressive grassroots organization comprised primarily of former Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters.” On social media and on the road, the #SettleforBiden campaign became a movement to inspire […]Read More

Senator Kamala Harris: Setting the Record Straight on Policies

The nomination of Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate by the democrats was hailed as a historic decision that will influence greatly the political dynamics of the United States. The California Senator is the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father. She is the first woman to be nominated for such a […]Read More

Words Kill: Dangerous Rhetoric from the President of the United

These past few years have been nothing less than exhausting for Americans. We are bombarded with headlines about Trump’s obstructions of justice, overt racism, and the fervent attack on Roe v. Wade. Most recently, President Trump refused to condemn white supremacy when he was put on the spot on live television during the first Presidential […]Read More

1 in 44 Americans Can’t Vote This Election Due to

The biggest thing in the news right now is the November elections and the importance of voting. However, with the upcoming elections on everyone’s minds, there’s actually a large percentage of people unable to vote at all. This invisible population is rarely remembered by most voters and disenfranchisement remains an upward struggle to fight for. […]Read More

Voter Suppression: Fake Ballot Boxes in California

Voter suppression has taken many different forms all throughout the years. Unfortunately, voter suppression is alive and well; and thriving too well for comfort. California has recently announced an investigation into fake ballot boxes that have popped up in several counties. This recent wave of corruption is not surprising to most of us, but it […]Read More

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